The Vegetarian Program Manual, Information Page

Exclusive Products and Services are In High Demand in an Exploding Marketplace
Times have changed and people are demanding healthy food at work and at home, one
solution is to introduce a proven fresh and healthy vegetarian program into your existing
operation. Consistency, Quality, Price and Service. This is also a great opportunity
for a new business if your looking to build a destination location.

What's in the Manual?
1.   Easy to read customer winning recipes 
2.   Food order lists
3.   Kitchen requirements & set up
4.   20 expandable soup recipes
5.   6 week expandable indexed hot menu cycle 
6.   16 Daily salad recipes  
7.   4  week expandable indexed salad cycle of (20 recipes)
8.   Vegetarian cooking techniques & helpful hints
.   Vegetarian product information
10. Cooking demonstration/class information
11. Online support/ Marketing Information

What you will need to succeed!
1-  Location, location, location
2-  1 Large Convection oven
3-  1 Large electric steamer 
4-  1 Large flat top griddle
5-  6 Gas burner range
6-  Large storage area for dried produce + storage containers 
7-  Large refrigerated storage for perishables + storage containers
8-  Large refrigerated storage for finished products + storage containers
9-  6-8 large thick bottomed stainless steel  pots 
10- 3 medium thick bottomed stainless steel pots 
11- Most important: a talented and creative Chef & Team 
12- High volume traffic area

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